Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Jounce – First look

When it comes to Silverlight, one of my favorite blog is none other than Jeremy Likness (Silverlight MVP). I follow his blogs religiously for the simplicity and straight to the point. If you haven’t seen his blog and you are working on Silverlight, make sure you subscribe to his blog.

Couple of weeks ago, in one of his blog he explained he is on to create a new guidance called Jounce for creating silverlight application. I have been looking for a good solution my self was very happy to see the guidance. I downloaded the frame work started playing with it. I really like the frame work. It is very simple, less code and easy to understand. One other reason I like this very much is that, he leverages MEF for most of the application development and MEF is now part of .Net Framework 4.

I am learning how to use Jounce myself thought, I will share my simple examples with you so that we can learn together. In the codeplex, there is excellent documentation and also the download will give you good quick start examples as well.


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