Thursday, 25 November 2010

How to convert Chm files to Pdf ?

How to convert chm files to pdf? So why do we need to convert chm file to pdf? The reason is that chm file actually takes long time to load. For example, if you have a text book in chm file format. It’s around 100MB in size then switching between pages takes a long time and sometimes there might be chance of locking up your system. So how to tackle this problem?

So here comes pdf file. Although there will be reduction in large pdf file and it will be definetly faster then chm file. If we convert chm file to pdf then it might work out and solve our problem. So how to go for it. Well you can visit this website called convert chm to pdf and read the tutorials. It’s very easy. So just convert your chm file into pdf and start reading and what ever you want to do.

Note: - For Linux user, there is a very simple tool called chm2pdf. You give it the file name and it spews out a close to perfect PDF.

If you come across better then the site I referred you then please share with us here. I will update it for my readers. It will be beneficial for all of us.


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