Thursday, 23 December 2010

Sign in & Access Multiple Google / Gmail Accounts at Once from the same Browser

Google introduced a new feature which lets you sign in and access two  different Gmail / Google accounts at once on the same browser.  Most of us have more than one email Id which we use for different purposes. Previously , one can login to only one account at a time through one browser. This new feature eliminates the need of signing out or using a different browser for using other account. Here is the procedure to use multiple accounts in the same browser at the same time..
  • Go to
  • Navigate to Multiple sign-in option – “Use multiple Google Accounts in the same web browse” and turn it on.
  • Sign into your first account.
  • After that, you can sign in with up to two additional accounts using the new accounts menu.
After enabling it, You can open  and use multiple Gmail / Google accounts in different tabs of the same browser. The feature can also be disabled by going to the above path and turning it off.
Although the multiple account sign-in feature is available for users, it doesn’t support all Google services like like Blogger and Picasa Web Albums, etc. For these services, the default account will be the first account you signed into. As of now, This feature is supported App Engine, Code, Calendar, Gmail, Reader, Sites and Voice and is restricted to desktop broswers and cannot be enabled on your mobile phones.


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