Monday, 13 December 2010

Use of Ctrl + C can Leak Our Personal Information

Well we all know the use of Ctrl + C of any computer. The use of Ctrl + C has a very great disadvantage sometimes which can leak our personal information and ruin our life. I know this long back but when I read the article about Ctrl + C yesterday in the Times of India newspaper, I thought many people may not be aware of this evil use effect of Ctrl + C. So I am sharing the same article with you today.
Everytime you do a harmless keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C in your computer, the text you copy online may be stolen on the web. This copied data is accessible on the internet when you visit websites that use the combination of javascript and ASP or any server-side-language like jsp, php, from which the data that you copy can be transferred to another server. Most web server. Most web sites are javascript enabled.
Not convinced? Try copying some text and just visit, a websiteƂ  that provides free source codes and projects. You necessarily need not even press the ‘paste’ button. The ‘paste’ happens automatically. The website just provides an example of what could potentially happen to you, especially if you have copied your credit card details, bank details or any other sensitive information.
“This is one of the main reasons that credit card companies and banks ask you not to copy, paste your card and bank details. Everytime you copy some information, it gets stored in your computer clipboard. In case, you end up visiting a malicious site, your information can be easily stolen. This information can be read in a hidden manner, that you will not be aware of it being seen by someone else”. says this hacking can be done by a simple source code. This happens especially if you are using Internet Explorer. One of the ways it can be avoided is to use a better browser because Internet Explorer, one of the most famous browsers has had many technical glitches over the years.


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