Friday, 30 July 2010

Random information on Silverlight

Just want to document two things I came across yesterday.

First one is an error:

This morning one of my colleague try to check out my application and try out. They were able to compile successfully and when he ran the application, he got an error

WCF RIA services will fail unless the silverlight project is hosted in and launched from the same web project that contains the WCF RIA services

This happens when you have you silverlight application (client side) set as the startup project. All you have to do is set web as the start up project and assign the .aspx or .html as the start up page and you are all set.

Second one is tip:

I have created a simple application which consumes a model set to connect to a database. Which worked fine. Now I have to change it to a different data base to do some volume testing. That data base has same table and scheme etc., To do that for your testing purpose, simply go to web.config on the silverlight web project and change the initial catalogue. This is for ad-hoc testing but if you would need to do more frequently, then do it in the server side code based on some parameters.


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